More About Coding as a Career.

Comprehensive Coding Training provides the most effective way to become a Certified Coding Associate (CCA). Medical coding and it’s hand-in-glove partner, billing, are among the fastest growing of the health care fields, and the relatively new career labeled “Health Information Specialist” (HIS) incorporates coding, billing and terminology skills, all of which we offer courses for, but for now let’s stay focused on medical coding.

Coding Career

Are You Ready for a New Career? If you are looking for a career where you can help people, do interesting work, and get well paid, the health care industry is a very good candidate. With baby-boomers retiring, and more people eligible for medical care under “Obamacare”, and long-term job growth in this industry employment potential is markedly higher than average industry. The complexities of the new health care system with all the mandates for electronic medical records, privacy of information protection, and huge IT resources to do it all, require more well trained staff for billing, coding, medical records, home health care, and office assistants.

Medical Billing, Transcription, Office Assistant/Administration, Medication Aide training courses are discussed fully at Med-Certification.

It goes without saying, then, that the first step is to get trained, and that’s what we do, and we do it very well.

What You Will Learn

The Complete Coding Training Course will prepare you for a career in this fast-growing medical support services market. In addition to developing the professional skills necessary for accurate medical coding, you will also have the knowledge and experience to sit for the certification exams. Increasingly, certification is required for coders. See the FAQs for more information.

First you will learn Medical Terminology. Next you will learn coding theory, then you will hone and polish your skills on over 600 actual patient records. Finally, you will learn all about processing insurance claim forms. The ICD-9 training includes:

  • Medical Terminology

  • Complete training for the CCA Exam (or whatever certification you choose)
  • Convenient anytime, anywhere training
  • Latest versions of ICD-9 and ICD-10 CM and CPT codebooks (see descriptions below)
  • Hands-on interactive exercises from patient charts
  • Hundreds of practice questions in the YOU CODE IT section
  • Health Insurance Specialist Training is included (all about insurance payers)

You may easily enter the workforce service in a matter of months with the Meditech Coding Training Program. So…

  • Picture yourself in a job you love
  • Your future is in your hands!
  • A career to be proud of in just a matter of months

Can You Really Learn This High Tech Stuff Outside a Classroom Without a Teacher?

Yes, and much more efficiently than any classroom setting. All of the training has proven self-paced learning works better than any other method, including 2 years at schools with teachers. Costs are lower, it’s a faster learning process and there is better retention. And the conceptual design of the multilayered approach to this teaching inherently includes elements that are almost subliminal. In other words, you’re learning without effort using adult learning theory.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’ve done any research at all, you probably already know that comparable medical coding course programs range anywhere from $1500 to $8000. So, what’s our price? It’s $989 with the ICD-10 training included, a real bargain.

Note: you may set up a payment plan on PayPal when you click either of the choices below or we can tailor one for you. Call now.


$989 for the Complete Medical Coding Training

$349 for the standalone ICD-10 Medical Coding Training

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