2014 marks 41+ years in business and 16 years on the Web for medical industry-related training programs! Our ICD-9 Training Course has been available online for 18 years and was pioneering in its design and application. It is used by many colleges, universities and tech schools throughout the U.S.

Since 1969 the company has been in the business of innovating, implementing, practicing, and refining medical and legal information management solutions, all of which require specialized training. We actually provided all the services to providers, billing, coding, transcription, etc., so we know the business very well and certainly know how to teach it.

As a result, we offer customers a wide library of dynamic, interactive self-study courses designed to meet the training and certification needs of health care and legal professionals. The training solutions provide a cost-effective means to enhance skills and find well paying jobs.

The e-Learning computer-based courses incorporate proven training methods to ensure the highest rate of information retention. Online mentoring, comprehensive text and practice exams provide the basic theories needed for training and certification. In addition, our self-study courses include hands-on simulations to provide valuable working experience and ensure the highest skill retention possible.

Train then certify at National Certification Services, www.med-certification.com.

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