ICD-10 Coding Training

Expand Medical Coding Career Opportunities

ICD-10 Coding is NOW! Already a coder? Jump in early and get an edge. ICD-10 TRAINING.COM is the front runner for the new code training.
Just learning to code? You will have to learn ICD-9 too and the prerequisite for that is medical terminology.

The “Coding Complete Training Course” (includes ICD-10)
Module 1:  Medical Terminology
Module 2:  Coding – ICD-9 and ICD-10
Here’s what you will learn:

  • Introduction to ICD-10
  • How ICD-10 is different than ICD-9
  • Online alphabetic diagnostic look-ups and cross-references for both ICD-9 and 10
  • Tabular list and hierarchy
  • Crosswalk coding samples from the ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • YOU CODE IT section – over 500 patient records to code – equivalent to 6 months’ experience
  • Easy, fast and affordable

Get Ahead of the Curve

In the healthcare industry, ICD-9 codes have been used to identify and codify diagnoses for over 50 years. The codes are used for government mandated data as well as health insurance claim forms. If you are already a coder or want to become one, here is critical information for your career consideration.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. government have collaborated now for several years to modify and expand the ICD-9 codes to acquire badly needed additional data. Initially, the ICD-10 coding system was to be implemented in 2011; however, the sheer magnitude of the changes and the number of codes has pushed the transition forward to 2014, and recently Congress extended it another year. The sheer volume of ICD-10 codes has providers scrambling for solutions (and yes, the change will require many more coders than the old ICD-9).

Make the transition now – get ahead of the game! The coming changes are huge and most healthcare providers are literally stymied by what to do about the training and potential staffing needs. Meditech (parent company for ICD10-training.com) has been in the coding business and the training process for many years. Meditech helped providers weather the big change from RVS to CPT codes and know how to migrate successfully to the ICD-10 coding training process. In short, we’re ready. Are you?

Get the jump on…well, everyone, and be ready for the transition well ahead of time. Our highest priority is to get you thoroughly trained and ready to go in this complex and prestigious field. Beat the deadline by getting started now! You’ll be way ahead and already know how to do the new coding before anyone else does.

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$989 Coding Complete (ICD-9 and 10)

$349 for the standalone ICD-10 Medical Coding Training

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